Rummy Rainbow 

Rainbow Rummy
Bonus Rs.12
File Size 51.71MB
No. of Games 20
Availibility Android APK
Version 1.25
Other Name Rummy Rainbow
Hindi Name रेनबो रम्मी
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 About Rainbow Rummy APK 

Rainbow Rummy APK offers a generous bonus of Rs. 12 and the potential to win up to Rs. 4,999 daily. With a convenient APK size of just 51.71 MB, you can access a world of 20 captivating games right in the palm of your hand. Prepare to experience a rainbow of excitement with Rainbow Rummy!
Rainbow Rummy promises an engaging gaming experience with its diverse collection of 20 games. Whether you're a fan of Dragon vs Tiger, Baccarat, Zoo Roulette, Teen Patti, Car Roulette, Crash/Aviator, Andar Bahar, Rummy, Teenpatti 20-20, Roulette, Best of Five, Andar Bahar, Black Jack, 7 Up Down, Ludo, Poker, Fruit line, Variation, 10 cards, or Mines, there's a game to match every mood and preference.
But Rainbow Rummy goes beyond just games; it offers a multitude of bonuses, including weekly, daily, and monthly rewards, along with a spin wheel for added surprises. Practice tables are available for sharpening your skills, and for those who enjoy competition, regular tournaments of Dragon vs Tiger, Rummy, and Crash are organized. Plus, there's a "refer and earn" program, allowing you to share the excitement and earn more.
As a real cash game, Rainbow Rummy enables you to play all these games with real money, offering the opportunity to earn substantial daily rewards. Rainbow Rummy also features multiplayer and skill-based games, along with a variety of sports games, ensuring a comprehensive gaming experience.


Q.1. What is Rainbow Rummy Apk?

Ans. Rainbow Rummy Apk is an exciting gaming application that offers a diverse range of 20 exhilarating games, which are popular among the Indian players. On installing and signing-up with the app, you can get an instant bonus of Rs. 12.

Q.2. How to download Rainbow Rummy Apk??

Ans. To download the latest version of Rainbow Rummy Apk, simply click on the download button provided on our website.

Q.3. How to sign up/register in Rainbow Rummy Apk?

Ans. Registration is quick and easy; simply sign up with your mobile number, and you're all set to explore the thrilling games.

Q.4. How many games are available in Rainbow Rummy Apk?

Ans. Rainbow Rummy Apk offers a fantastic collection of 20 games, including Dragon vs Tiger, Baccarat, Zoo Roulette, and many more, ensuring there's something for every gaming enthusiast.

Q.5. What are the other best features in Rainbow Rummy Apk?

Ans. In addition to the extensive game selection and bonuses, Rainbow Rummy Apk offers multiplayer and skill-based games, as well as a variety of sports games, enhancing your gaming experience.

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